Telekom Srbija sign the Agreement on conditions for voluntary departure of employees

Telekom Srbija sign the Agreement on conditions for voluntary departure of employees

An agreement has been reached between the management and representative trade unions of Telekom Srbija to implement the Project of Organizational Transformation of Telekom Srbija and to improve the efficiency of business processes.

Given that the number of employees in the company who are younger then the age of 30 is under 1%, and the number of employees older than 50 is almost 50% of the total number of employees, it is clear that Telekom Srbija has to change the age structure of employees, so it could adequately respond to all technological changes and challenges in the market.

The implementation of this Agreement creates preconditions for admitting young people of different business profiles.

The agreement defines the criteria, method, procedure and dynamics of optimising the number of employees through the program of voluntary departure.

In the last 15 years, Telekom Srbija has been offering voluntary departure to the employees under very stimulating conditions. Such tenders are met with great interest, so, in the period mentioned, thousands of employees voluntarily accepted the conditions offered.

What distinguishes this tender from all the previous ones is the fact that the company has secured the largest budget for the implementation of the voluntary departure program so far, with the best conditions for employees yet.

General Manager of Telekom Srbija Predrag Ćulibrk, Executive Director for Human Resources Draško Marković, President of the United Trade Union of Telekom Serbia Slavoljub Kandić and President of Telekom Srbija Union Miroslav Joksimović signed the deal.