Telekom Srbija acquires cable operator Kopernikus Technology

Telekom Srbija acquires cable operator Kopernikus Technology

The first announced acquisition of Telekom Srbija, the largest telco operator in Serbia.

The largest telecommunication company in Serbia, Telekom Srbija, officially became the 100% stake owner of the second-largest cable operator in Serbia, Kopernikus Technology.

With the acquisition Telekom Srbija increased its television user base by around 30%, thereby increasing its share in the television market by 7%.

From now on, users of Kopernikus Technology will have access to the latest technologies and content provided by Telekom Srbija, and as a welcome package will receive 27 new television channels.

Kopernikus Technology has more than 200,000 television and internet users, operates in 60 cities across Serbia and provides TV, internet and fixed-line services, with quality infrastructure that enables the provision of state-of-the-art services in more than 300,000 households.

The intensive growth of the user base of over 25% in the last two years, accelerated digitalisation and the construction of optical infrastructure has made this company the most promising cable operator in the region.

Kopernikus Technology has excellent potential for the further rapid growth of the user base.
Telekom Srbija will work in addition to the existing channels to further enrich the offer of television content to the previous users of Kopernikus Technology.

Telekom Srbija’s business plans are aimed at positioning the company as a regional leader in telecommunications.