Telekom Serbia launches young developers

Telekom Serbia launches young developers

Telekom Srbija has launched a new cycle of mts app competition aimed at talented secondary school students within specialised departments in mathematics, computer science and computer science.

Telekom Srbija organises the competition for creating mobile applications in Android ™ and iOS for the eighth time, and once again confirms its orientation towards investing in young talents and their improvement in the field of modern technology and communication solutions.

The upcoming mts app competition will bring together the biggest number of students so far since there are as many as 37 schools from all over Serbia.

As well as the previous one, this competition will have a regional character, because in the organisation m: tel Banja Luka and m: tel Podgorica, according to the same rules, will be realised in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Student teams will compete first in the national final, with peers from their own country, and if their application is among the top five, they will be eligible to compete in the “Regional App Challenge” competition and compete with student teams from the neighbourhood.

The main prize on the “Regional Challenge Challenge” will be a visit to the IDTechEx Show in Berlin in April next year, and will be awarded a special innovation award.

At both levels of the competition – the national and regional finals, the idea, the complexity of the solutions, the realization, the innovation, and primarily the socially useful purpose of the applications, the contribution to the development of telecommunication services, as well as the input to the improvement of the use of mobile phones and devices are evaluated.

Telekom Srbija aims to encourage creativity, teamwork and entrepreneurial spirit among talented high school students by providing them with the opportunity to improve and apply their knowledge in the application development process.

As a project that encourages young people to implement one of their projects through the development of applications, develop entrepreneurial skills, and thus become drivers, the mts app competition is one of the leaders in the campaign “Let’s start the drivers” with which Telekom Serbia emphasizes the drivers of positive changes in its environment.