Switzerland supports Serbia’s education and science development

Ana Brnabic and Ulrich Maurer, Support of Switzerland to development of education science in Serbia

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said in Bern that Serbia and Switzerland have good cooperation, which has been particularly intensified in the last three years in the fields of education, science and digitalisation.

After the meeting with Swiss President Ulrich Maurer, Brnabic recalled that this country is Serbia’s long-standing partner in introducing dual education into the Serbian education system.

She said that dual education has successfully gained roots in our country and that there is great interest of students and their parents and announced that this system will soon be introduced at universities.

Ana Brnabic Switzerland 1

With the help of Switzerland, Serbia has developed the first, and so far the only, Science and Technology Park in Belgrade, which employs more than 700 engineers who work for one of the 70 companies operating there, the Prime Minister said.

Brnabic reported that she informed the Swiss President and his associates that Serbia is investing €100 million in R&D infrastructure, that we are completing the Science and Technology Park in Novi Sad, that we are building the Science and Technology Park in Nis and developing the Science and Technology Park in Cacak.

At the meeting with Maurer, it was agreed that Switzerland would continue to support these science parks with knowledge, and it was also agreed to hold meetings twice a year, which, in addition to the political part, would include dialogue between businessmen to agree on specific projects, the Prime Minister said.

Brnabic reiterated that education, digitalisation and the development of the fourth industrial revolution are areas in which Serbia will continue to cooperate with Switzerland.

According to her, thanks to the knowledge and experience of the Swiss, and on the other hand, our rapid reforms and excellent workers, Serbia will become competitive not only in the region but beyond.

The Prime Minister has informed the President of Switzerland that our country became the 23rd full member of CERN in Geneva in April.

In addition, to support in science and education, Switzerland is one of the largest donors in Serbia, she said, pointing out that this country has been engaged in developing and implementing our poverty reduction strategy for more than 10 years