Start-up Support Reaches New Heights

ICT Hub Venture is proud to present the first three investments in domestic young innovative technology companies

ICT Hub Venture, the first private domestic investment fund, which officially started operating in January this year, presents the first three investments following the first cycle of applications for domestic young innovative technology companies (start-ups).

Setting off from the fund’s investment strategy of investing in start-ups at the earliest stage of their development, the support of ICT Hub Venture has been granted to start-ups GiftsUwishPublitio and Good Game Arena.

GiftsUwish is an application that allows users to stop receiving unwanted gifts. App users can choose the gift they want themselves and share it with their friends on social networks, while friends can share the cost of presents with each other if they decide to join in gifting. GiftsUwish is the fastest and simplest way to reach a desired gift. is a service platform that offers advanced APIs for work with images and video files. API is intended for web and mobile application developers, and offers final solutions for all operations with media file (uploading, storing, processing, downloading, monetising etc.). automates work with images and video, which otherwise requires a huge amount of time and resources if performed or implemented manually.

Good Game Arena is an eSports online platform that allows passionate gamers to monetise their knowhow and skills through everyday competitions, enjoying the games they like.

“Investments in all companies represent support for the further development of products and the further development of operations on the targeted markets and, alongside the initial investment, teams will also be provided with a special programme and required advisory support, as well as connecting with everyone who provides opportunities for further business growth,” said the Fund’s director, Kosta Andrić.

ICT Hub Venture, as an investment fund, invests a million euros in start-ups at the earliest stage of the development of their business, and will invest up to 30,000 euros in about 15 other teams by the end of 2018.

The new application cycle is open until 30th September, and start-ups can apply via the official site of the ICT Hub Venture Fund.