SPK Working Meeting With Igor Mirović

Vojvodina business environment and investment climate presented to the large number of Slovenian Business Club members and officials in attendance

The Slovenian Business Club (SPK) held a working meeting in Novi Sad’s Hotel Prezident on the topic “Business Environment of Vojvodina”.

Guests of the working meeting included Igor Mirović, President of the Provincial Government of Vojvodina, Zdravko Jelušić, Mayor of Novi Sad, and Nataša Bajić, Director of the Development Agency of Vojvodina, who presented the Vojvodina business environment and investment climate to the large number of Slovenian Business Club members and officials in attendance.

Welcoming all participants and thanking them for attending, Slovenian Business Club President Danijela Fišakov noted that the SBC has successfully supported economic cooperation between Serbia and Slovenia for the past fifteen years and also has the mission of strengthening activities and cooperation in Vojvodina.

Goran Križ, Economic Advisor at the Embassy of Slovenia, said that the good relations between the two countries are reflected in increasingly intensive economic cooperation.

“Vojvodina is a good place to invest. Factors that can attract foreign investors to Vojvodina include the general policy, economic stability, good policy of the national government, stable public finances, the construction of infrastructure for foreign investors and the efforts exerted at the provincial and local level to secure a more favourable investment climate,” said Mirović.

“Slovenia and Vojvodina have many years of successful cooperation. The best proof of that are numerous Slovenian companies that have already been present for years and operate on the territory of Vojvodina,” said Mayor Jelušić.

The meeting concluded with a cocktail reception at which all participants further exchanged contacts and opinions.