Societe Generale Serbia has digital cards: Pay by phone at any time

Societe Generale Serbia has launched mCard – a service that enables contactless payment by smartphone at all POS terminals in the country and abroad, where Mastercard contactless payment cards are accepted.

A modern and innovative payment method is available to all customers of Societe Generale Bank, who have active Mastercard payment cards, and are part of an existing m-banking application.

Jelena Ristić, Mastercard and Vuk Kosovac, Societe Generale Srbija

Payment method is simple like using a contactless payment card: within the mCard section of the mobile application, a payment option is launched, enter the PIN for the mobile app, and then put the phone to the POS terminal.

The mCard service uses the modern Mastercard Digital Enablement Service platform with the most advanced payment technology – EMV chip, tokenisation and encryption to ensure cardholder safety. The token is a series of numbers that a mobile device uses instead of a card number printed on a plastic card – this means that the card number itself is never displayed, stored or shared with anyone, which guarantees greater security for users. Thanks to tokenisation, in case of loss of a mobile phone, the user only invalidates the token and not the entire card, which ensures maximum security of use through the process of tokenisation. There are additional levels of protection that ensure that the account is in charge only once if you accidentally drop the card twice.

There are no additional costs when paying via mCard service, and as part of the m-banking application, you can use it on as many as three of your Android devices that have the NFC connectivity option and the KitKat 4.4 operating system. or later.

Payment is possible even without an internet connection, but maximum 10 times, after which it should be reconnected to the network in order for the new transaction to continue.

With the digitisation of the payment card, Societe Generale Serbia continues to allow its customers to do as many banking services as possible through their mobile phone. The results so far, that in the past year, the number of clients who pay by m-banking has increased by 62% and that these amounts have increased by as much as 80%, they say that more and more clients who for daily banking are more They do not come to the branch because the bank is in their hands.