The Association Of Serbian Breweries Event

The Association of Serbian Breweries hosted media representatives at the Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel, with an event that included the performance of stand-up comedian Srđan Jovanović and saw beer presented as a refreshing drink with a tradition of production in Serbia dating back three centuries. This occasion saw participants learn more about the beer industry, how it looked throughout history and which challenges it is facing today

The Association of Serbian Breweries is an industry-wide umbrella organisation that brings together the largest producers of beer and malt in Serbia, who collectively account for 98% of the domestic market. The brewing industry in our country has a significant impact on the economy and contributes 3.3% of the Serbian budget annually.

The Association of Serbian Breweries, in cooperation with its partners, works on the creation of a favourable economic climate for producers, but also simultaneously raises awareness of the responsible consumption of beer. “The aim of the Association is to work, through continuous cooperation with the state and partners, to create a sustainable and predictable economic climate for the growth and development of the brewing industry, in order for us to realise our full potential and provide an even greater contribution to the development of the Serbian economy. The Association of Serbian Breweries has the task of developing and protecting the interests of the industry, but is also obliged to promote responsible consumption. Beer producers that are members of the Association have strong self-regulation and strict procedures and rules, even more than the law requires. As such, one of the most important goals of the Association is to educate and propagate responsible and moderate consumption of beer,” noted Vladimir Novaković, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Serbian Breweries.

As has been the case to date, the future social activities of the Association will be directed towards strengthening responsible consumption. Through various campaigns and media activities, it is essential to promote moderate drinking of beer, which is the favourite drink of many for raising a toast. On this occasion, Rebeka Božović, executive manager of the Association of Serbian Breweries, said: “This year we are continuing further and planning activities with which we want to restore the place that belongs to beer as a favourite drink, because we associate it with the most beautiful events in life, from birthday parties to celebrations of sporting success, which we are lucky enough to have a lot of. The special focus of our activities this year is on the campaign for the responsible consumption of beer, which we will launch on 4th August, World Beer Day, and implement, in cooperation with partners, until the end of September.”

The Association of Serbian Breweries thanked all media representatives in attendance and simultaneously invited them to monitor events in the coming months related to the campaign to raise awareness of the responsible consumption of beer.