Slovakian Company Takes Over ’14.oktobar’ Factory

Slovakian Company Takes Over ’14.oktobar’ Factory

Slovakian company MSM Group, a member of the Czechoslovak Group, which owns world-renowned companies Tatra and Avia, has symbolically received the keys to the 14.oktobar factory, marking the official takeover of this former economic giant in the Serbian city of Kruševac.

The ceremony, which took place on the anniversary of the day Kruševac was liberated from German occupation in World War II, after which the factory was named, was attended by Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, Deputy PM and Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović, Economy Minister Goran Knežević, Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin, Labour, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs Minister Zoran Đorđević, Slovakian Ambassador to Serbia Dagmar Repčeková, Czech Ambassador Ivana Hlavsova and representatives of the local government, as well as numerous citizens of Kruševac.

President and minority owner of MSM Group, Marian Goga, thanked the Serbian state for making it possible for his company to invest in the “14.oktobar” factory, before reiterating his promise to Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić to restore the functioning of this enterprise, secure new orders, increase the number of workplaces and thus expand the good name of Serbian industry.

“I want the Czechoslovak Group, in all countries where it operates, to serve industry and continue in future to be the one that creates jobs, generates tax revenues and serves as a source of national wealth,” stressed Goga.

photo source: Embassy of Slovakia