Siemens and CMEC sign a contract on Fire Protection System in Kostolac Thermal Power Plant

China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) and Siemens Belgrade signed today a contract on design, procurement and provision of services for the Fire Protection System for the Thermal Power Plant Kostolac Bloc 3 in the premises of the public company Elektroprivreda Srbije, valued at 5 million euros

The agreement for the Fire Protection System between Siemens and CMEC includes design, procurement, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of the Fire Protection System in the new block 3, thermal power plant Kostolac.

The fire protection system includes the following systems that will be implemented on this project – System Fire detection system, Gas detection system, Chemical fire extinguishing system, Extinguishing system – water and foam, Centralized Monitoring and Management System.

The fire protection system will enable Kostolac to timely monitor all subsystems and provide additional safety and security in the thermal power plant.

“Construction of the 350 MW block B3 in the Kostolac B thermal power plant worth about $ 600 million is one of the largest projects implemented in Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) and Serbia. I am very pleased that CMEC partners are working hard to build a new block. The decision of CMEC and Seimens to sign a contract on the design and installation of a fire protection system for a new power plant confirms that both companies give priority to the Electric Power Industry of Serbia,” said Milorad Grčić, Acting Director of the Elektroprivreda Srbije.

“I am grateful to EPS for its stated trust. We carefully analyzed and selected Simens for expertise and references in this field. Setting up a quality fire protection system is the condition that the competent inspection authorities approve the start of operation of the power plant. We expect Simens to successfully complete this task in the near future,” said Tong Zigang, vice president of China Machinery Engineering Corporation.

“Siemens Fire Protection Systems can be classified as one of the most reliable systems of this kind which meets all the local and European standards and who can respond to all the requirements of users,” said Udo Ehlinger, General Manager of Siemens Serbia.

Ehlinger also added “This is the second project Siemens has agreed with CMEC, which is a continuation of our cooperation in much larger to the extent that so far, while JP Elektroprivreda Srbije is our long-standing partnership with whom we have a number of successfully implemented projects and I am proud to continue this cooperation with this project. ”

The fire protection system is a modern system that meets all the necessary criteria in
in terms of quality, functionality, design, life expectancy in the environments for which it is foreseen.