Serbian Government to hold most transparent election process to date

Flag of Serbia

The Serbian government will establish the Working group for the verification of the single electoral roll, whose task is to consider the possibility and manner of conducting the verification, that is, to analyse and verify the accuracy of the single electoral roll.

Within the Working group, two subgroups have been formed – the statistical support subgroup and the legal subgroup.

This Working group will be composed of representatives of the General Secretariat of the Serbian government, representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, and representatives of CRTA and CeSID.

The role of the observer will be played by members of the National Democratic Institute – NDI, the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), the European Election Observation Network – ENEMO, and representatives of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems – IFES.

The work of the Working group will be based on the principles of openness and democracy in the performance of all members, a comprehensive approach in work that entails giving equal importance to all stages of the voter list verification process, with regular evaluations of the legality of each proposed solution, while at the same time all members of the Working group will have equal access to data at all stages of work, to ensure full authenticity and credibility of the process.

The formation of the Working group for the verification of the single electoral roll is only one of the steps towards improving the election process in the regular parliamentary elections, which will be held next year.

The Serbian government is committed to making this the best and most transparent election process to date and that all relevant actors do their best to improve the overall electoral environment.