Serbia one of vice presidents of next UN climate conference

Serbia one of vice presidents of next UN climate conference

The Ministry of Environmental Protection stated last night that Serbia had been selected as one of the vice presidents of the next United Nations Climate Change Conference COP 26 and as a member of the Convention Bureau on behalf of the Eastern European Group of Countries.

According to the statement, the decision was made yesterday in Madrid at the end of the conference by the parties to the UN Convention on Climate Change, COP 25, which has been held in Madrid since 2 December.

Next year, Serbia, as Vice President of COP 26, will participate in the Glasgow Conference.

COP 25, held under the motto Time for Action, was dedicated to taking the next key steps in the fight against climate change, implementation of the provisions of the Paris Agreement and encouraging global and national climate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The conference ended with a compromise agreement and the postponement of a key decision to regulate the global carbon market for next year.

An agreement was reached on the key issues of strengthening global commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

All countries will have to announce new commitments to reduce their emissions by the next COP 26 Conference to be held in Glasgow next year, according to the statement.