Serbia, Land Of Success Stories

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia (CCIS) is inviting entrepreneurs and representatives of companies that have already developed their business and are operating successfully to submit the stories of their success and, with the support of the CCIS, promote their companies, improve their operations and encourage all those who are considering launching their own business.

Serbia Land Of Success Stories

“The CCIS supports the promotion of examples of successful operations, innovative companies and products, thereby contributing to the improvement of competitiveness, the launching of businesses and encouraging development,” says CCIS President Marko Čadež.

The aim of the campaign “Serbia, land of success stories”, which will be implemented during the course of 2017, is to promote examples of successful operations, of which there are many in Serbia. “The more successfully we do that, the more successful our companies will be on the domestic and international markets,” insists Čadež.

The “success story” of a company from the perspective of owners and managers, from initial start-up challenges, through the development of the business, to results and plans for future operations, represents encouragement and inspiration, an invitation to connect and form partnerships, and the possibility of improving operations.

A presentation of someone’s route to success represents an incentive and a chance for other companies and entrepreneurs to recognise their own capabilities and apply the experience of good practice. The CCIS will promote the most successful companies, individuals and products using all available communication channels.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are invited to connect, take advantage of the support of the CCIS and improve their operations.

Stories should be submitted in written or video form via email to

011 33 00 905