Serbia Creates platform launched

Serbia Creates is a new way of positioning Serbia locally and internationally in ways that affirm the country’s contemporary characteristics of creativity, innovation, and originality

Serbia Creates frames of authenticity, ingenuity, excellence, trust, and openness as core elements of the Serbian character. It profiles Serbia as a great place to visit, invest, study or do business, and promotes Serbian people as creative, innovative, reliable and resilient partners.

Serbia Creates concept positively affirms the importance of the creative industries and the knowledge-based economy to Serbia. It addresses how to improve the legal and business environment in order to support innovation and creativity, and it encourages the application of innovative thinking across all levels of society and business. 

The platform supports new ways to connect Serbian creatives with their international counterparts, and the marketing of the programme focuses primarily on Creative Ambassadors – exceptional individuals and initiatives that inspire globally through their significant accomplishments. From science to art, from design to tech, and from major events to international conferences, Serbia Creates is specifically designed to send a consistent message about Serbia to all target groups whether they are tourists, digital nomads, students, business people or investors.

Serbia Creates is part of a wider initiative by Prime Minister Ana Brnabić.

It was developed by the Council for Creative Industries in direct cooperation with artists and innovators, as well as the creative sector in general.