Record Public Support For Combatting The Grey Economy

NALED's latest research into the attitudes of citizens regarding the grey economy

Combatting The Grey Economy Ana Brnabic

Public support for combatting the grey economy is at its highest in the last three years and has reached a record level of 94 per cent, while 60 per cent of citizens believe that the state is determined to deal with this problem, according to NALED’s latest research into the attitudes of citizens regarding the grey economy, which was conducted in February by Ipsos strategic marketing.

Almost half of respondents consider that the volume of the grey zone has reduced in the last year, while they recognise very well that the Tax Administration and other inspection bodies are responsible for combatting the grey economy. However, a problem remains when it comes to a lack of confidence in the system for detecting and sanctioning unregulated work, with as many as two-thirds of citizens believing that the state does not adequately punish operations in the grey economy.

– The activities that we launched in December 2014, when we started drafting the National Programme to combat the grey economy, today have an effect, while we have also shown why it is important to work systematically and in partnership with businesses and citizens.

The Law on Inspection Oversight records excellent results, with us having a 15% jump in newly registered companies, as well as a 9% reduction in the number of companies that have deregistered and moved into grey flows – said Serbian Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Ana Brnabić, speaking at the presentation of the research results.