Presidents Aleksandar Vučić & Emmanuel Macron Hold Joint Press Conference

Emmanuel Macron Aleksandar Vucic press conference

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić said today that he had a long, open and honest conversation regarding all the key issues with French President Emanuel Macron, and pointed out to his interlocutor the reputation that France enjoys with the Serbian people, but also throughout the region.

President Vučić told a news conference that he asked the French President to help and support Serbia on the European path and in resolving the Kosovo-Metohija crisis.

“I am convinced that the political enthusiasm of President Macron can change a lot on the European continent and will help our country,” said Vučić.

The President reported that he had listened to Macron on all important regional and European issues, as well as that he brought out all our problems, primarily regarding the resolution of the Kosovo node.

He noted that the agreements signed were very important, and he specially cited an agreement on the cooperation of French companies that will bring employment of highly educated people to Belgrade and Novi Sad.

The President particularly expressed his gratitude to French companies and Macron for the possibility of military-technical cooperation on an even higher level, as well as for the purchase of the Mistral rocket, imposing that we will get 18 units and 50 rockets.

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“We are also interested in buying optoelectronic devices from France. We are doing this so that we can always preserve and protect our country, and France, as our ally in the First and Second World War, and an important weapon producer, can be someone who can cooperate with us better,” Vučić studied.

According to him, significant agreements have been signed around the landfill in Vinca, as well as the production of thermal energy, as well as the French school in Belgrade, which will be able to receive pupils from September 1st.

These are all things that profoundly change our strategic relations, Vucic said, reminding that French companies in Serbia employ more than 12 000 people.

President Macron said that Serbia is a great European state and nation and that the EU must reform itself to be ready to receive our country.

“Serbia needs to hold to its sovereignty, and I hold to the sovereignty of those whom I respect,” Macron said and pointed out that Serbia is part of the EU accession process so that the EU must make some decisions for its better functioning.

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He said he would engage in re-establishing the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and reaching a comprehensive and lasting agreement, that Belgrade and Pristina would reach a compromise, announcing that they would hold a special meeting with the leadership of Belgrade, Pristina and Chancellor Merkel, to enable the agreement to be reached.

“You have the ability to defend the sovereignty of the country, but also to build compromises with neighbours, and that is what is the strength of Europe,” said Macron.

“France opposes all unilateral moves on both sides, and Europe will be strong if it helps Serbia and Kosovo find an agreement,” the French President said.

According to him, France together with Germany is ready to support Serbia in the framework of European mediation, the renewal of dialogue to find a conclusive solution over the next few months.

“There are some external forces that do not want an agreement,” Macron said, adding that he believes in the future of the region and Serbia.