Piraeus Bank Makes Profit In Third Quarter

In the third quarter of 2017, Piraeus Bank turned a profit of 390.7 million dinars, a result several times better than in the same period last year. Over the last year the bank also noted a growth in credit of 3.7 billion dinars while seriously diminishing its portfolio of non-performing loans.

The greatest growth lay in loans to physical persons, where new cash credits and re-financing loans saw an annual growth of 28 percent, with dinar loans and re-financing alone growing by 33 percent. Compared with the first nine months of last year, a record growth of 60 percent was set in 2017 for the number of loans approved per month.

One indicator of the high level of clients’ trust is the number of requests for MasterCard debit cards, whose holders grew in number by 32 percent, while the number of transactions increased by 35 percent.

From last September until today, the number of current salary accounts in Piraeus Bank grew by 12 percent while the number of approvals for loans saw a growth of 16 percent.