Novak Djoković Foundation and Generali osiguranje partners on the project “Support, not perfection”

Generali osiguranje Serbia and the Novak Djoković Foundation organised a workshop within the “Support, not perfection” program implemented by the Foundation, thus formalising the start of a partnership on a project to support parents, caregivers and foster parents in the early development of children.

This is another important step for the initiative of The Human Safety Net in Serbia, which Generali Group launched around the world two years ago. At the workshop, their dilemmas when talking about bringing up children with their parents were shared by the world’s best tennis player Novak Djoković and the global director of the Novak Djoković Foundation, Jelena Djoković.

The partnership aims to create better opportunities for life for children, enabling as many parents as possible throughout Serbia to attend Novak Djoković Foundation Support, not perfection, as part of the Initiative of The Human Safety Net.

The program aims to provide parents, foster parents and guardians of children up to six years of age with the knowledge, skills and support in carrying out the most difficult and important work, the development of children’s potential.

“For the first time I had the opportunity to participate actively in this kind of workshop, share my experiences with other parents, and I enjoyed it. I managed to learn many lessons in relation to my children and actually see how much I still need to learn and be an open-minded, and initiatives like this one help me develop my skills as a parent,” said Novak Djoković.

Speaking of The Human Safety Net initiative, Dragan Filipović, President of the Executive Board and CEO of Generali Insurance Serbia, said: “The Human Safety Net is a Generali Group movement that aims to create chances for a better life. Programs launched within it cover various social problems, but they have the same purpose: stimulating human potential by stimulating people to help people. ”

The “Not Perfection Support” program is completely free. So far, 800 parents and guardians of children under six years of age from 12 municipalities throughout Serbia passed through the workshops.