White Nights, Dark Days

Norwegian Film Week at the Yugoslav Cinematheque Film Archives

Famous Norwegian writer Erlend Loe and equally well-known Norwegian film critic Jan Erik Holst will open this year’s Norwegian Film Week, under the title “White Nights, Dark Days”, at the Cinematheque on 10th October. Audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy older and more recent Norwegian film productions, but also a masterclass and a promotion and translations of books.

Films will be screened from the series about fictional Detective Varg Veu, including Bitter Flowers (2007), directed by Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen, The Woman in the Fridge (2008), directed by Alexander Eik, and Fallen Angels (2008), directed by Morten Tyldum. Screenings until 15th October will include other feature films of recent Norwegian productions, as well as Rasmus Silverstein’s animated film Kurt Turns Evil.

Within the framework of Norwegian Film Week there will also be a presentation of the book “Varg Veum – Din til døden”, as well as the translated version of the book “Varg Veum: Sleeping Beauty” (Varg Veum – Tornerose) by Gunnar Staalesen. The Masterclass will be hosted by Jan Erik Holst, film critic and retired editor of the Norwegian Film Institute, on the topic of Norwegian film noir.

Norwegian Film Week is again being held this year as part of NOkobar – the month of Norwegian culture in Serbia.

Norwegian Film Week programme:

Monday, 9th October
The evening of publisher Gunnar Staalesen: Varg Veum – Din til døden
Masterclass with Jan Erik Holst on the topic of Norwegian film noir
Presentation and translation of the book Varg Veum – Din til døden

Tuesday, 10th October
Opening, special guests: Erlend Loe and Jan Erik Holst. Film: Erlend Loe’s Tatt av Kvinnen/Gone with the Woman
Bonus film: De beste går først/United we stand (10 min)   

Wednesday, 11th October
Gunnar Staalesen: Varg Veum – Bitter Flowers

Thursday, 12th October
Erlend Loe: Kurt blir Grusom/Kurt Turns Evil   

Friday, 13th October
Gunnar Staalesen: Varg Veum – Tornerose/Sleeping Beauty

Saturday, 14th October
Erlend Loe: Detektor/Detector  
Erlend Loe: Nord/North   

Sunday, 15th October
Gunnar Staalesen: Varg Veum – Kvinnen i kjøleskapet/Woman in the Fridge