NLB Bank Belgrade Awards Organic Food Production and Food Processing Projects

NLB Bank Belgrade has launched the fifth round of the NLB Organic competition for organic food production and food processing projects during which the bank will award a total of 1.5 million Dinars to three best projects

The competition is opened from 1st June to 1st September and individual agricultural producers with registered farms that are either certified as organic or are in the process of obtaining such certification are eligible to apply. The projects can be submitted via mail, i.e. sent to NLB Bank Belgrade, 165v, Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard. The envelope should be marked with “Competition for the Best Organic Food Production and Food Processing Projects”. Projects can also be sent to the bank’s email address – 

The jury will pick the best project and the bank will award 1 million Dinars to this project. The second and the third-ranked projects will get 300,000 and 200,000 Dinars respectively.

Agriculture is one of the key segments in NLB Bank’s business activities and we are very focused on it. Apart from offering our regular products and services and funding in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and local self-governments, we have also assembled a team of experts / agricultural consultants who know this area, its particularities and needs well.

The consultants are available to farmers at their ‘workplace’ – in the field. In terms of our social responsibility, agriculture also occupies an important place, particularly in the segment of sustainable development, human health and environmental protection. Because the procedure of launching organic production, acquiring appropriate certificates and producing organic food is complex, the organic food segments need support from all relevant institutions. We have recognized this need.

The fact that organic farmers have been showing growing interest in our competition year-on-year just proves that we are on the good path”, says Branko Greganović, Chairman of NLB Bank Belgrade’s Executive Board.