16th Night Of Books

The Night of Books will be held simultaneously at 53 locations in 26 towns and cities across Serbia and the region

Night Of Books

On Friday 16th June the Laguna Readers Clubs and Delfi bookshops will host the sixteenth regional Night of Books event, sponsored by Eurobank Serbia, from 5 pm to midnight.

This will provide yet another opportunity to buy global bestsellers at the best prices, as well as books by local authors, children’s books and other publications.

Discounts on Laguna publications during this event will be 25% for the purchase of a single book, 30% for two books, 35% for three books and 40% for purchases of four or more books.

Discounts on foreign editions will be 20 per cent, while the prices of titles of other publishers will also be reduced by 20%. Prices of varied gift assortments will be reduced by 10%.

All discounts will also be able via the website delfi.rs. List of the bookstores taking part in the Night of Books is available here.

And this night will also be marked by the release of new exclusive titles!

The Night of Books will be held simultaneously at 53 locations in 26 towns and cities across Serbia and the region.

The regional character of this event is provided by Laguna Readers Clubs in Banja Luka, Tuzla, Sarajevo, Podgorica and Nikšić.

This event has been held in Serbia and the region since 2009. Twice a year, in June and December, Laguna Readers Clubs and Delfi bookshops are visited for a few hours by tens of thousands of readers and customers.

With the interest Night Of Books generates in books, attendance figures, quality and variety of titles, as well as the unusually large discounts, this event can only be compared with the Belgrade Book Fair in terms of importance.

The number of visitors attending the Night of Books increases annually, while the event itself is spreading throughout the region and represents an unmissable opportunity, as the only night when titles of all genres can be purchased at incredibly low prices, with attendees able to familiarise themselves with new titles and mingle with local writers.

Publishing house Laguna, which produces over 550 titles, including 350 new titles, annually, is rightly known as one of the biggest publishing houses in the country and the region.