neXt Smoothie For Successful Day

Fruity snack neXt Smoothie comes in two fruit combinations

neXt Smoothie

While working, you need to be highly focused constantly in order to complete all tasks and objectives for that day. In order to be focused, we should be full as well, since hunger may distract us a lot.

We generally allocate little time to planning our diet and most of us relate a short break at work with a quick snack.

Although it has a beneficial effect on our focus and creativity, we neglect fruit, which turns a snack at work into rinsing, peeling, chopping and blending.

Who has the time for that today?
That is why neXt Smoothie is a practical solution, as its glass bottle preserves everything you need to enjoy various types of fruit, with no added sugar, aromas, preservatives, or even water.

Two fruit combinations to choose from your quick and practical fruity snack at work are mango, orange, banana, passion fruit, lemon and apple and red grapes, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, apple, pear and banana.

neXt Smoothie will become your favourite ritual for relaxation and a smart choice of snack that will recharge your body and refresh your working day.