New eGovernment Portal available online

Mihailo Jovanović Director Serbian Government Office For IT and eGovernment

After almost 11 years, a new eGovernment Portal is available to Serbian citizens. The portal has a new design and functionality and its content is adapted to mobile and tablet devices.

“For the first time in Serbia, electronic identification was introduced in the e-government system using a mobile phone, ie. two-factor authentication. This is more than an important step in the development of eGovernment, which essentially enables the development of the Government in the Republic of Serbia. The introduction of two-factor authentication will allow us to make all e-government services available on a mobile phone in the coming period. Part of the new system is a national portal for electronic identification of citizens and businesses. We are expecting the connection of other state portals (LPA, APR, ePorezi, CROSO) with the new electronic identification system very soon and that will finally overcome the problem that users had with different operating systems and installation of qualified electronic certificate readers,” said Dr. Mihailo Jovanovic, Director of the Office for IT and eGovernment.

Jovanovic also said that users with a qualified electronic certificate can generate a two-factor authentication order themselves and that by the end of February it will be available at various counters in Serbia.

For the first time on the new eGovernment Portal, citizens can see their data from 15 different registers under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government (birth and marriage registers), Ministry of the Interior (data from identity card, passport, residence, citizenship, residence, driving licenses, vehicle registration, weapons in legal possession), the Central Social Security Register, the National Employment Service (current records and record history), the Republic Geodetic Authority and the PIO Fund. This means that citizens will have a transparent view of all their data in one place.

The next step is to enable citizens to access personal data in the registers of the local tax administration and the Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia.

The new functionality of data access will help the further development of eGovernment in Serbia, as citizens will be able to easily check the accuracy of their data and, if necessary, contact the competent institution to correct it.

Jovanovic said that information and services on the new Portal are organized according to life events, at the moment there are 8 areas – family life, kindergarten, elementary education, secondary education, studying, looking for a job, buying real estate, as well as starting a business.

Over 980,000 pre-existing eGovernment users can easily use the new eGovernance system with their old username and password.