NELT And Dachser Present New Service

NELT And Dachser Present New Service

In cooperation with the German company Dachser, a global leader in food logistics, NELT provides a weekly delivery of food products from all over Europe to Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina through NELT logistics and distribution channels.

This year, NELT became a member of the European Food Network, led by Dachser. The network covers 34 European countries. It has around 1.74 million square metres of food storage space and some 10,500 refrigerator trucks.

“Continuous and direct transport of food products in accordance with the highest standards will affect the development and quality of the Western Balkan market”, said Ivan Milićević, Nelt LSP Operations and Development Manager.

“Benefits enjoyed by our customers are the security of delivery, cost-effectiveness and easy communication in tracking shipments.”

“With its innovative approach to business, stable and continuous growth, NELT contributes to meeting the unique standards of our network in terms of processes and information systems that ensure reliability and continuity”, says Heidi Matthäus, European Network Development Director at Dachser.