NELT Announces Investments Of €15Million

The company celebrates 25 years of operation by continuing to invest in expanding logistics capacities in 2018

The Nelt Group will invest €15 million next year in a regional expansion of integrated logistics services. One of the most successful domestic business systems marks two and a half decades of operation in 2018, and year after year it has achieved stable growth, expanded into new markets and acquired companies in distribution and logistics. Today the 13 companies of the Nelt Group employ almost 4,000 people in 8 markets in Southeast Europe and Africa.

As a leader in state-of-the-art distribution and logistics services, Nelt recorded steady growth in the markets where it operates this year, generating a total net income of €900 million.

“We build our Group’s success on excellence in delivering services, the dedication of our staff and application of new technologies. We will continue our positioning in the logistics services market, geographical expansion and further investment in development. Investing in staff education, production and service capacities of all the companies in our system and improvement of cooperation with the local community will be our focus in the future”, said Miloš Jelić, Executive Director of the Nelt Group.

This year, the company opened the first private rail logistics terminal at its Central Distribution Centre in Dobanovci, which rounded off the portfolio of logistics services. The NELT Intermodal Terminal is an upgrade of the existing integrated logistics system and is open to all market actors in the import, transit and export business.

This year, cooperation with the German company Dachser has been launched, and thanks to this, weekly delivery of food products is enabled from all over Europe to the Western Balkans via Nelt’s logistics network. With this business move, Nelt has become one of the 13 partners of the European Food Network, a network of comprehensive road transport of food products. Cooperation has also been established with the Chinese shipping logistics company COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Group), which has recognised Nelt’s intermodal terminal in Belgrade as a logistics hub of the Balkans thanks to its excellent location and infrastructure.

The company has paid special attention to the development and investment in its own brands in the pharmaceutical and consumer goods sectors, such as Helt, Flogostin and Atopiskin.

Thanks to excellent business results and a 50% increase in revenue in Serbia, Nelt was included for the first time this year on the list of the 100 most successful companies in Southeast Europe by total revenue and net profit, ranked 69th.