Development of overall relations between Serbia and France

Nathalie Loiseau and Ana Brnabic

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić met with French Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Affairs Nathalie Loiseau and said that Serbia remains committed to the process of European integration as the most efficient way for the internal transformation of society and raising the quality of life of all citizens.

Prime Minister Brnabić pointed out that the creation of a strategic partnership and stronger economic ties between the two countries is a major step in the development of bilateral and overall relations between Serbia and France.

France, through strategic partnerships, has expressed confidence in Serbia’s progress and its reform processes, Ana Brnabić said, adding that Serbia’s vision is a continuation of improving the business climate and transforming the economy to be based on knowledge and innovation.

The Prime Minister thanked the French Minister for her consistent stance on the necessity to abolish Priština’s 100% taxes on Serbian goods.

According to Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, Priština sends unambiguous messages on a daily basis that it is not for dialogue and that it is ready to use unpopular measures such as taxes, which are also the biggest obstacle to the normalisation of relations.

This problem has been recognised as a key problem also by our partners from the European Union, she added, adding that in the future she expects even stronger support for our country’s efforts to become a member of the European Union.

Loiseau conveyed France’s support to the European perspective of Serbia, which is a guarantor of peace and stability in the region, saying that the country will continue to offer concrete support to Serbia through the French Development Agency, which will soon begin to work after the signing of the agreement today.

She also announced the continuation of concrete support to Serbia in the process of public administration reform, economic development, and rule of law.

The Minister expressed her belief that the growth of French investments in Serbia will continue in the future, primarily in the light of the forthcoming visit of French President Emanuel Macron to Serbia.

Brnabić expressed her gratitude for France’s support for the establishment of the National Academy of Public Administration and stated that this year marks 180 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, reminding us of a common history and the Serbian-French friendship, which is the basis for building even closer relations between the two countries.