Mobile 2D Barcode Scan Payments Make First Appearance In Serbia

Make First Appearance In Serbia

Mobile 2D Barcode Scan Payments Make First Appearance In Serbia

Sberbank Serbia has become the first bank in the country to enable clients to pay their bills via mobile phones with the scanning of 2D barcodes. This new, unique service on the domestic market – Scan2Pay – allows users to pay their bills easier and quicker than ever before, with maximum precision of data entry.

Sberbank Srbija initiated the introduction of the 2D barcode standard on the Serbian market and, in cooperation with partners at Mercator S and SBB, enabled citizens to pay bills of this cable operator at points of sale within the Mercator network. Also opting to introduce this standard are companies VIP mobile and Telekom Srbija, which now also print 2D barcodes on their monthly bills, thereby allowing their own clients to settle their monthly obligations in an easier and simpler way.

“We are extremely proud of the fact that we are the first bank in Serbia to enable payments of bills by scanning the 2D barcode with mobile phones. This service is yet more confirmation that Sberbank Srbija is recognised for its innovative and simple solutions that save time and money,” said Miloš Nedeljković, director of Sberbank Srbija’s Department of Digital Banking and Partnership.

Payments through Scan2Pay, with the scanning of 2D barcodes on bills, apart from being significantly faster than regular payment methods, ensure the total precision of data entry, excluding the possibility of error while entering payment order data. It is enough for the user to select the Scan2Pay payment method, direct their phone camera over the 2D barcode and the scanner will recognise and read the content instantly, entering the details into the payment slip. All that is then left for the user to do is to confirm the entry and authorise payment.

All those interested in finding out more about paying bills via Scan2Pay can visit the bank’s website,, come to one of Sberbank’s branches or call the Contact Centre on 19909.