Miodrag Kostić Gave Lecture To Professor Francis Fukuyama’s Students

The first man of the MK Group, Miodrag Kostić, gave a lecture at the Faculty of Political Science to the students of the “Leadership Academy for Development” program of renowned professor Francis Fukuyama, a renown politologist and one of the greatest philosophers of today.

“I believe that the issue of trust between the government and the private sector is key in ensuring the good results of the necessary economic reforms. Large systems like MK Group should have excellent cooperation with the state, “Kostic said.

The lecture organiser, author of the bestseller “The End of History and the Last Man,” Professor Francis Fukuyama said there is much mistrust about the private sector, but that public-private partnerships can help the economy, and that it is a promising area.

“For public-private partnerships, a strong rule of law is needed, that is, a framework in which complex contracts can be implemented, which is the main institutional precondition for their implementation,” said Mr Fukuyama.