Migrant Crisis is Merely a Symptom

Kopaonik Business Forum 2016

The causes of migrant crisis are outside the EU and the crisis should be seen as a mere symptom of a larger-scale problem, arising from the situation in the Middle East, said Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Michael Davenport.

At the Kopaonik Business Forum, Davenport said the situation in the Middle East required a comprehensive approach and that, apart from the EU, the solution should be sought also by the USA and Russia as well as the countries in the region.

This is an unprecedented challenge for all of us, Davenport said and added that the mid- or long-term solution required a comprehensive approach.

German Ambassador to Serbia Axel Dittmann said the EU had no quick response for the major challenges it faced, one of them being the migrant crisis.

He also said that the EU decision-making system was complex and required time, but he pointed out that no country could deal with the crisis on its own, but the solution had to be sought within the whole of the EU.

US Ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott said the US and its allies should maintain their democratic systems despite the rise of global extremism, but he also said they needed to adjust those systems order to respond to present challenges.