Discover the new Best place for business dining


With ever more business meetings and interviews taking place over lunch or even early dinner these days, it makes sense to take a moment or two to consider how to choose the best place for business dining. Experience tells us that it’s never “just lunch”, and you should, therefore, make the effort to choose the very best restaurant for your meeting.

If you still haven’t heard about the new classy venue and five-star restaurant “Legat 1903”, then you should hurry there and conduct a reconnaissance visit ahead of time, to gauge the noise levels and decide which table best suits your needs. At “Legat 1903” you will find everything you need for a successful business meeting over a meal.

First of all, “Legat 1903”, aka “the new hidden treasure of Belgrade”, is situated just a few minutes from the city centre in Jasenička st. 7, to be more precise, on the corner of Jasenička st. and Vojislava Ilića st., making it easy to reach and convenient for parking, as it also has it’s own car park area.



The restaurant’s luxury and elegance, but also the intimacy of its ambience, are well-suited for the relaxed atmosphere required to really talk business without any disturbances. With that in mind, tables are arranged in such a way that no one is able to eavesdrop on your conversation. And if you want complete secrecy for your meeting, “Legat 1903” has a VIP salon with a separate entrance, toilet and kitchen access.  

Conducting any meeting at “Legat 1903” will be a pleasurable experience for your guest and a real surprise for all hedonists and aesthetes. The combination of modern and sophisticated design and unique details made to the highest standards of quality will not leave you feeling indifferent.

When deciding on a restaurant’s cuisine, it’s always best to opt for one that offers international cuisine. At “Legat 1903”, the restaurant staff will gladly provide recommendations according to your personal preferences. Here you can try delicious, top-quality food, while the unique wine list will only add to the beauty of the overall experience. And only then will you understand why “Legat 1903” is considered the new “hidden treasure of Belgrade”, able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the finest restaurants of other European capitals. 
Make your reservation for superb experience at +381 11/4146-321 or +381 063/1903-003. Welcome to “Legat 1903”!