Lecture by Miša Lukić: Design The Life You Desire – 24 June, Cineplexx Ušće


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On Monday, 24 June at Cineplexx cinema in Ušće starting at 8:00 pm, the 20th lecture will be held under the project “UŠĆE MOTIVATION SPEECHES”. Organised for the third year in a row by UŠĆE SC with the Centre for Personal Development LEPO MI JE, the message of the project is “I feel good because I want to”. The theme of the lecture will be “Design the life you desire”, given by Miša Lukić, one of the most renowned experts in the field of brand and business design in Europe.

Tickets are available at the Cineplexx box office.

Life is not just one moment that we should reach to feel happiness. Life is a continuous creation, a creative approach to everyday life, understanding obstacles as knowledge, and nurturing curiosity in various situations. With small steps forward, we can do a lot of and enjoy ourselves, and we can bring ourselves to great success.

Where is the limit of happiness and success? How can we organise our day? Why is it good to mix work and satisfaction? And how to succeed in all of that, Miša Lukić will explain to us in his lecture.

In his work, Miša has reached the top, and he is known for his happy face, his smile and his creativity. He is the best speaker on this topic because he combines strategy, creativity, good intentions and hard work in his everyday work and life. And who continues to move forward.

About Miša Lukić

Miša Lukić is a real business leader. He founded the New Strategy company, which introduces new innovative approaches to overcoming challenges and finding new opportunities for business development. He also regularly takes part in major humanitarian actions.

We also know him as director for many years of leading European marketing agencies where, as the managing director of Publicis Group, he was responsible for operations in 30 countries. He was awarded the manager of the year award in 2016 by the Serbian Association of Managers, won the Lifetime Achievement Award of UEPS (Association of Serbian market communications), the PRO.PR award for his contribution to the development of PR in south-east Europe and was named marketing personality of the year by Marketing World, and also as a leader of creative thinking.