Last summer Greece the most popular summer destination once again

As high as 160,000 Serbian citizens travelled with UNIQA travel health insurance policies this year

UNIQA travel health insurance policies this year

Despite the devastating floods and fires that struck Greece last summer, this country remained the most popular tourist destination by far, for which 87,000 consumers, out of total 167,000, i.e. 54%, took out UNIQA health insurance policies.

However, bad weather is thought to have been the cause of why 7% less insured persons, compared to the past year, asked to take out travel health insurance policy for this county.

On the other hand, this year the number of insurance policies for Turkey was five times, and for Egypt, two times higher compared to the same period last year. As for Montenegro and Croatia, a rise of 20% was also marked in the number of policies.

The average number of days that the consumers insured this year was again 12, whereas doctor’s assistance was sought predominantly for allergies, stomach problems, ear inflammation, infections, sea urchin stings, and jellyfish stings. Over the period from 01 June to 31 August, UNIQA insurance paid out around 350,000 Euros for 2,900 insurance claims.

During the summer season, insured persons called UNIQA Assistance Center 6,300 times, out of which as high as 4,200 calls, i.e. 67%, were made via free Viber number. There were also around 10 claims related to flight delays and lost luggage.

UNIQA, as the market leader in the travel health insurance sales, with 160,000, i.e. 3.5% more consumers and five per cent more policies compared to the past year, has continued its trend of growth. In addition, consumers increasingly prefer online sales channels to traditional ones, which is substantiated by the fact that the travel health insurance sales via UNIQA webshop this year has grown by 60%.