Innovative technologies improving lives in cities

Supporting the development of new technologies is crucial for contemporary lifestyle in large cities, as they get more complex on a daily basis. This support needs to be concrete and action-oriented – at least this is the opinion of socially responsible companies such as Belgrade Waterfront, which organized “I have a solution for a smarter city” prize contest with an aim to help innovative solutions in the area of “smart cities”.

The mission has been quite successful if measured by the quality of the winning ideas, which shared a prize pool of 10,000 euros. The Energym team won the first place with their idea of a smart gym that creates energy while you work out, and other two teams, Smart Light and Smart Solutions, were no less innovative with ideas about smart street lighting and smart containers helping in more effective waste treatment, respectively.

To further develop or apply the best solutions, Belgrade Waterfront has also secured an additional pool of 25,000 euros!