Imlek Invested About €700,000 in New Milk Tank Trucks

Imlek Invested About €700,000 in New Milk Tank Trucks

Imlek company continues investing in the renovation and modernization of vehicles that are intended for the raw milk collecting and transporting, therefore it has been invested around 700,000 euros for that purpose.

The valuable acquisition included the purchase of the latest four Volvo FM 62R automatic tank trucks and three trailers by Romex company, the high-ranked Polish producer. New vehicles’ advanced features and reliable safety systems will allow efficient collecting and safe transportation of raw milk which is used for making Imlek superior quality products.

Besides that all the vehicles fulfil the strict hygiene standards, they are also equipped with the latest computer system for taking and measuring, as well as the laboratory that performs milk sampling for each individual vendor. In order to improve the control of the entire transport process, one of the purchased vehicles has a direct GPRS data transfer system that allows system performance monitoring in real-time. Thanks to the successful cooperation with Volvo company, regular and extraordinary maintenance has been provided and that guarantees high reliability of the purchased vehicles.

Imlek company as a regional dairy industry leader is unique in the cold chain which is completely closed from the raw milk taking point to the entrance ramp, that eliminates any possibility of contamination. Accordingly, lately, it has earmarked more than three million euros for multiple investment activities which significantly improve the entire redemption process.

The purchase of vehicles that meet the Euro 6 standard, the minimum carbon dioxide emission has been provided therefore the company’s commitment to environmental preservation has been reaffirmed.