ICT Hub Playground Opens

Innovation centre that strengthens the digital society

ICT Hub, the Centre for Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation, has officially opened its doors at its new address, at 10 Kralja Milana Street in Belgrade. The new premises, but also a new operational concept, under the title Playground, will bring together under one roof talented and creative individuals with the most diverse knowledge and expertise in the IT domain, technology entrepreneurs and star-ups, as well corporations focused on innovation. With its work programme it will educate the youngest citizens, providing support to secondary school pupils, college students and IT novices, but will also encourage women to make a more significant entry into the world of information technology and technological entrepreneurship.

By listening to the needs of residents to date, the ICT Hub team is launching Playground as a solution for a more pleasant, playful and inspiring working environment. The centre is designed to cater for more than 80 users, who will work there together and develop their innovative ideas and solutions, and covers an area exceeding 650m2.

“We can state with pride that Playground testifies to how much we have grown, together with our tenants. We are continuing to invest in modern technology and we believe that our idea empower the start-up and IT community in our country,” said ICT Hub CEO Kosta Andrić.

Playground is designed as a place where tenants will work together from the very start to create, learn from each other, exchange ideas and experiences, and to find the necessary support to advance the local digital society for the start-up and IT community in Belgrade and Serbia.

The Centre’s mission is to support the development of innovation among individuals, small and large companies, as well as all of those who aspire to change the society in which we live in a higher quality way, promoting values like creativity, innovation, agility and teamwork.