Hemofarm: The Patient Must Not Suffer

Hemofarm: The Patient Must Not Suffer Ronald Seeliger

The company Hemofarm has organised the first regional expert conference entitled “Modern therapeutic approach to severely ill patients in hospital conditions”, gathering 250 of the most renowned experts from Serbia, the region and the world, and distinguished lecturers from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and the USA.

Through case studies, doctors of various specialties, anesthesiologists, doctors for infectious diseases, pulmonologists, emergency medicine specialists, surgeons and clinical pharmacologists were given the opportunity to exchange clinical experiences and approaches, become acquainted with therapeutic options and the choice of drugs in the countries of the region and beyond, and find out about the latest therapeutic options, with the sole aim of raising the quality and efficiency of treatment for the most serious patients in Serbia.

“Today a patient must not suffer. They all have the right, no matter how difficult or advanced the illness is, to spend their days in peace, not in suffering”, said Ronald Seelinger, Hemofarm CEO.

“This is not just a task for us whose main goal is to care for people’s health, but it is also a basic human right that must be respected.”

As the leading pharmaceutical company in the region, Hemofarm actively monitors trends in pain therapy with the goal of further completing an already wide range with the registration of new molecules, starting from treatment of milder forms of pain to those for the pain of the highest intensity, and thus contribute to the fight for the right of every patient to a dignified life without suffering.