“Guys, Who is Driving Home?” Enjoy Exit Responsibly With Free Transport

Joint socially responsible action of Traffic Safety Agency, the company HEINEKEN Serbia and Exit Foundation

Today at the City Hall was a press conference on the occasion of the conclusion of a strategic partnership between the Agency for Traffic Safety, the company HEINEKEN Serbia and Exit Foundation, which merged with the aim of increasing the safety of visitors world-famous festival Exit, as enjoy responsibly and safely returned home. The initiative is supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RS.

The strategy of partnership and of this great socially responsible action is to raise awareness of road safety among young people above all and the importance of responsible consumption through socially responsible action “Guys, who is driving home?“

The importance of the safety of all traffic participants spoke Jasmina Milošević, Acting Director of the Agency for Traffic Safety: “We are very pleased that more and more companies in Serbia recognize the activities of the Agency for Traffic Safety and its corporate responsibility I recognize in this sphere. With the primary objective to raise the safety of all road users the highest possible level, we are always open and ready for cooperation in activities that will result in reducing the number of traffic accidents and the preservation of life.”

Jana Ljubicic, the Secretary of State and Chief of Cabinet MUP RS urged visitors to act responsibly, “Interior Ministry, headed by Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, support activities that improve the safety of all citizens. Our goal is that the police are closer to citizens and help so that all the visitors of Exit have been safe. Regarding that, we will take all measures within the competence of all visitors guests from abroad, feel comfortable and experience the Novi Sad and Serbia as a safe place. Precautions will certainly be intensified, with a mandatory breathalyzer test. We invite people to contact us at any time if they have the need.”

On the necessity of responsible behavior in the consumption spoke Alexandros Daniilidis, CEO of Heineken Serbia: “This initiative consists of several dimensions: from a safe and free transportation to the various educational activities and we are confident that this is an excellent opportunity to convey the message that safety and responsibility can be an integral part of the fun. We are honoured and extremely pleased that we have the opportunity to join forces with the Agency for Traffic Safety, with the support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and our partners of Exit Foundation, to promote responsible consumption. ”

Ivan Petrović, CEO of Exit Foundation, said: “EXIT Foundation as part of its mission of supporting young people, in collaboration with HEINEKEN, with the support of the Agency for Traffic Safety and MUP push the boundaries in the field of social responsibility through the joint campaign “Guys, who is driving home?” Using Exit brand strength and influence of the huge number of young people are following Exit, in addition to awareness campaigns on the importance of responsible behaviour in traffic, this year we conduct a little safe transport revolution by thousands of its visitors from Belgrade and Novi Sad give the ability to completely safe and free to come and return home from the festival using the organized bus and taxi transport. Seats are limited, and we invite visitors to apply for www.exittrip.org. 

With the slogan “Enjoy responsibly”, the organizers provide opportunities for visitors to Europe’s best festivals that, through the site www.exittrip.org, applying for free bus transport Belgrade – Novi Sad / to Exit and Exit.

Activities organizer will be promoted and Safe zone, within the State of Exit, where the fans of the festival, with various programs and surprises, closely acquainted with the action “Guys, is driving home?” and be able to download your free taxi voucher for the safe return of the territory of Novi Sad.

Action “Guys, is driving home?” will be promoted through all available channels of communication, television, print and online media, with the intention that the message” Enjoy responsibly “reach every visitor of our biggest festival.

For users of Twitter and Instagram hashtags #DruštvoKoVoziKući and #UživajteOdgovorno will be one of the possible ways to reach the taxi vouchers, and after a wild adventure called Exit safely return to their homes. (Number of taxi vouchers is limited).

Departures and arrivals from Belgrade – Novi Sad:


Departures from  Belgrade at 18.00 and 21.00h

Departures from Novi Sad at 02.30 and 05.00h


Departures from Belgrade at 18.00, 21.00 and 23.30h

Departures from Novi Sad at 02.00, 04.30 and 07.00h


Departures from Belgrade at 18.00 and 21.00h

Departures from Novi Sad at 02.30 and 05.00h


Departures from Belgrade from 18.00, 21.00 and 23:30h

Departures from Novi Sad at 02.00, 04.30 and 07.00h

Departures/returns of buses in Belgrade is Novi Beograd (flea market).

Departures/returns of buses in Novi Sad is Kej Žrtava Racije bb, right across Petrovaradin fortress.

Application on www.exittrip.org. The number of seats is limited.