Great success of Serbian students at the international environmental competition

International success of Serbian students at the ecological competition

Four students of the Belgrade Primary School Drinka Pavlović and one from Gymnasium plus won gold medals at the world’s largest environmental competition for elementary and high school students held this month in Victoria, Canada.

Marija Lubardić won two gold for the best essay and as the captain of the winning international team in the debate, Stefanija Živanović won gold for the best essay, and Angela Babović, Ivan Filip Kovačević and Aleksandar Marković Ćorac received the gold medals for debating.

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Students from Belgrade are the authors of the best essays with proposals for a solution to future life in connection with the current dramatic climate changes.

The great success of the young pupils from Serbia is the result of several months of dedicated work with mentor Marin Drndarski, a renowned professor of biology, whose textbooks are decorated with the logo of National Geographic.

The national team of Serbia was the most successful at the competition.

The competition was organized by the Life Sustainability Fund and in partnership with UNESCO, Oxford University, governments of several countries and international organizations.

Participants were 1470 students from 53 countries, including the United States, Japan, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey.