Government focused on continuation of reforms

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić stated today that the Serbian government remains focused on reforms that lead to a greater rule of law, more efficient and transparent public administration and the continuation of large investments in education and culture.

At a session of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Brnabić assessed that this is an extremely important component of the transformation of our economy and society, adding that the government’s goal is to support as many initiatives as possible from the economy because there is no better way to set priorities than in cooperation with businesses.

She expressed the expectation that the concrete benefits of e-government will be visible over the next two years, adding that there was more resistance than she thought it would be, but she is determined to continue with reforms.

The Prime Minister also announced the reform of the cadastre, facilitation and acceleration of the bankruptcy procedure, as well as the introduction of electronic payment of property tax as of 1 January 2019, and in addition, the continuation of the fight against the grey economy through the introduction of e-inspectors.

The reform of the Tax Administration will also continue, and an electronic registration of seasonal workers will be introduced as of 8 January next year, first for those in agriculture, and then for construction workers and seasonal workers in the tourism sector.

We will also carry on with the reform of parafiscal charges, Brnabić pointed out, noting that the National Bank of Serbia is one of the institutions that strongly supports the government and digitalisation and that thanks to it, instant payment has been introduced in our country.

Speaking about the results achieved, the Prime Minister pointed out that all indicators look good and show the recovery and strengthening of Serbia’s economy.