Gordana Bukumirić: Serbia did not learn its lesson after the 2014 floods

On the first day of this year’s Kopaonik Business Forum, the CEO of UNIQA Insurance Company Gordana Bukumirić participated in a panel discussion titled “Defining the Main Problems in Insurance Industry”.

She pointed out that the Serbian citizens did not learn their lesson following the 2014 great floods in Serbia and that they were still hesitant to purchase Act of God insurance.

“Unfortunately, the share that the Act of God insurance has in the number of issued home insurance policies has not gone up at all in the last two years”, Bukumirić said and added, “If the state abolished or reduced the monetary compensation for flooding and other natural disasters, that is paid out from the national budget, the awareness about the importance of insuring one’s property would very quickly develop in our population. On the other hand, it would be much more affordable for the state to have other insurance companies compensate for the damages”, Bukumirić outlined.