German Companies Interested In Serbian Organic Frozen Fruit

During a five-day visit to Serbia, six German companies interested in buying organic products showed great interest in cooperation through the purchase of home-grown organic, frozen raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.

German Companies Interested In Serbian Organic Frozen Fruit

The visit of the delegation from Germany was organized by the Center for Organic Agriculture of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, supported by the German Organization for International Cooperation GIZ, within the framework of the German-Serbian Development Cooperation Program, Private Sector Development in Serbia (PSD).

“Traceability is important for German partners, that is, the ability to monitor the production process from the field to the table. Also, it is important for them to respect food safety standards. Products such as raspberries, but also fruit purees and concentrates are highly sought after in the EU market and suitable for export, “explained Thorsten Pieche, IPD expert, an initiative that brings together German companies that import products from around the world. Leading the delegation, Pieche emphasized that the Serbian companies he visited have great potential for cooperation with Germany.

The Private Sector Development Project in Serbia (PSD), in cooperation with IPD, supports the export of organic products of Serbian companies to the EU market. The visit of German companies interested in the purchase of organic products was only one of a series of activities implemented within this support, with the aim of increasing the number of direct meetings of businessmen from Serbia and Germany (B2B meetings) and strengthening the market potential of organic producers from Serbia, both on the foreign and domestic markets.

In addition to the demand for organically produced frozen fruit, which has been confirmed during this visit, Serbia has great potential for export of organic cereals, which was shown at the largest organic agriculture fair BIOFAH held at the beginning of this year in Germany.