Generali Voluntary Pension Fund: 10 Of Successful Operations

Ten years after its founding, the Generali Society for Managing Voluntary Pension Funds has increased its assets to 9.3 billion and achieved a market share of 29%

Generali Voluntary Pension Fund

The Generali Basic Voluntary Pension Fund achieves a positive return: since its establishment, it has achieved an average annual yield of 9.93%. Last year it achieved a yield of 19.05%, which marks the highest yield achieved at the level of the industry. And in 2016 the Generali Basic Fund continued its operations with the same trend and at the end of October, it achieved a yield of 9.11% for its members, which also represents the highest in the industry.

The Generali Index Voluntary Pension Fund, which invests exclusively in euro-indexed assets, has achieved an average annual yield of 5.87% in the last three years, while last year alone the yield was 7.68%. As of October this year, the fund has achieved a yield of 5.67% for its members.

Speaking on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of operations, president of the Executive Board of Generali Insurance Serbia, Dragan Filipović, said: “We are proud of the results achieved by our company for managing voluntary pension funds. As the first company for managing voluntary pension funds on our market, we have exerted great efforts to develop the industry and raise awareness about the necessity of taking personal responsibility for saving for old age”.