GDPR In Serbia

Sky Express and Omnia Systems present solutions for protection of company data on the Internet

GDPR In Serbia Sky Express Omnia Systems

Sky Express and Omnia Systems present solutions for the protection of company data on the Internet

Encouraged by the changes in the European Union legislation on data protection on the Internet, which will be harmonized and applicable in Serbia, Sky Express and its partner company Omnia Systems presented several security solutions and services that can significantly facilitate and ensure implementation of compulsory data protection measures at a conference and panel discussion at the Belgrade Hilton hotel.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a general regulation on the protection of personal data that was adopted in 2016 but entered into force only today due to the required adaptation period. This regulation requires inventory, categorization and encoding of all personal data of users, as well as any combination of personal data that viewed together identify an individual. Among other things, these include name, surname, physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, social, cultural and other factors.

“The public had been able to hear about the GDPR thanks to scandals that have shaken a number of global companies. We have gathered here today to talk about prevention of such crises, and also to offer the best and safest solutions for protecting company data”, said Miloš Jovanović, Manager of Omnia Systems.

The participants were shown a package of complementary products such as Carbon Black, Onapsis, DFLabs Incman, Logpoint and Eperi Encryption for Cloud and databases, as well as MSSP solutions represented by Omnia Systems. In addition to products, services for analyzing weaknesses in user ICT systems, pen-testing, planning and implementation of security measures were also presented, as well as staff training to raise the level of security culture.

“Thanks to the carefully and strategically chosen solutions represented by Sky Express and with the help of the Evolution Equity Partners with whom we have cooperated for years, we are sure that our corporate users will readily welcome not only the GDPR but also the general trend of protecting business data from invasion by malicious codes or unauthorized access and theft” said Majo Mićović, General Manager of Sky Express.

After the presentation, a panel discussion was also held with renowned representatives of the world investment fund Evolution Equity Partners, founded by Dennis Smith, who expressed great satisfaction with his cooperation with Sky Express and presented measures for further development of security business in the region.

In addition, participants in the panel included experts in the field of business safety and GDPR standards: Dario Forte, founder and CEO of DFLabs, and Elmar Eperiesi-Beck, founder and CEO of EPERI.