First donation within Eurobank project School Designed for You

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Owing to the funds raised through the humanitarian Mastercard payment card Eurobank Big Heart, Belgrade First Economics High School students got a brand-new state-of-the-art classroom for statistics and accounting.

The new furniture, computers, and interactive board — totalling 1.4 million dinars in value — will be used by the school’s 852 students. According to the curriculum, the statistics and accounting classroom is used by students from every course, and the donated equipment directly affects the quality and organisation of the classes.

The donation marked the start of the standalone CSR project titled “School Designed for You”, which Eurobank launched supported by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.  The project is based on the new humanitarian Mastercard payment card “Eurobank Big Heart” the use of which makes the renovating and upgrading of secondary schools possible. From the revenues generated through transactions made using this card, Eurobank sets aside a part of its revenues and redirects it for furbishing and modernization of classrooms and workrooms.

“We started the project “School Designed for You” only a year ago, and today we’re already able to donate equipment for the statistics and accounting classroom to the First Economics High School in Belgrade. Thanks to our customers who use the Eurobank Big Heart card, we raised the funds to provide a brand new, fully equipped classroom for one of the most reputable secondary economics schools. Through the project, we want to make all secondary schools in Serbia tailored to their students, as well as enable our high school students to learn through internships and classes about banking first-hand, from Eurobank’s employees,” said Slavica Pavlović, Eurobank Executive Board President.

“The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development has been conducting extensive education reforms at all levels in the last three years. In the case of secondary education, reform of grammar schools is underway, which includes, inter alia, increasing the number of IT classrooms as well as specialized classrooms for chemistry and biology. In addition, student entrepreneurial competencies are strengthened and new courses are introduced in vocational schools, as well as new dual profiles accompanied by monitoring the needs of the market. 

Owing to the funds collected by the humanitarian ˝Eurobank Big Heart˝ Mastercard card, students of the First High School for Economic Science from Belgrade received a brand new and modernly equipped specialized classroom for statistics and accounting. Such actions help the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development to fulfil its goal of making each classroom suit a student. I thank the Eurobank for this campaign and invite other socially responsible companies to assist schools in Serbia in a similar way.”, said Mladen Šarčević, Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development.