Fintel Energija announces construction of the largest wind farm in Europe

Board of Directors of Fintel Energija will launch ambitious projects for the construction of new wind farms, among which is the project of development of the largest wind farm on the European continent.

General Manager of Fintel Energy, Tiziano Giovannetti, announced that these projects would be among Serbia’s fastest countries to engage in energy transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Tiziano Giovannetti

“Company Fintel Energija has established new SPVs for the development of new wind power plant construction projects: Lipar d.o.o. (10 MW), Lipar 2 d.o.o (10 MW) and Maestrale Ring d.o.o. (572 MW). The Maestrale Ring project will be the largest wind farm that builds on land throughout the European continent, “Giovannetti said. He stressed that the new projects will be 100% owned by Fintel Energija and will be located in the region of Vojvodina.

“With the step we made today, the company will be able to increase the total installed power of wind farms that develop from 352 MW to 944 MW, which would make Fintel Energy position at the very top of European companies for the development of wind farm projects,” Giovannetti said.