Fiat, Tigar Tyres and Hesteel Serbia’s Biggest Exporters

The Ministry of Finance published a list of Serbia's 15 biggest exporters citing data from the Customs Administration.

The total export value of Serbia’s 15 biggest exporters in the first four months of this year amounted to €1.25 billion.

The largest exporter remains the Kragujevac-based company “Fiat Chrysler Automobili Srbija” (FCA), with €427.8 million, followed by “Tigar Tyres” from Pirot with €112.2 million and Hesteel Serbia (Smederevo “Železara”) with 80 million.

“Philip Morris” with exports of 71.6 million takes fourth place on the list of the 15 Serbia’ biggest exporters, followed by the “HIP Petrohemija” with 57.6 million.

Naftna Industrija Srbije – NIS (Petroleum Industry of Serbia) from Novi Sad, in the first four months achieved export of 57.3 million, while the seventh place was taken by “Tetra Pak” from Belgrade with exports of 54.9 million.

The eighth company is “Jugoimport-SDPR” with the export of 53.3 million, followed by “MK group” with 53 million.

The tenth place was “Yura” in Rača with export worth 51.5 million, followed by the company “Gorenje” which recorded export for the same period at 50.8 million.

12th is “Leoni” from Prokuplje with an export of 48 million, while 13th biggest exporter is “Victoria Group” with total export in the first four months of 47.9 million.

“Hemofarm” from Vršac exports was worth 47.5 million and 15th company on the list of Serbia’s biggest exporters is “Robert Bosch” whose export amounted to 42.1 million.

Source: Tanjug