Europe Month in Serbia

EUDEL to Serbia will mark Europe Day through a series of events lasting the entire month, a Europe Month

Europe Month in Serbia

Three exhibitions are being put on. Ever Closer Union features 14 panels about the history of European integration since the Treaties of Rome to the current challenges. Arranged in cooperation with the Historical Archives of the EU, the Alcide De Gasperi Research Centre of the European University Institute and the Italian Institute and Embassy in Belgrade, the exhibition was launched in Belgrade on 26 April and will be displayed in many other locations around Serbia throughout the year.

This includes Europe Day reception that will feature two more exhibitions: panels illustrating the results of EU assistance to Serbia (to be used as street billboards soon), and street artworks dedicated to EU creativity and vitality, supported by EUDEL, which will appear on our promo items as well.

The history and assistance panels will be displayed at a European Village fair and EU projects fair co-organised with the city of Zrenjanin on 5 May and involving pupils from 27 elementary schools who will present EU MS customs, music, dance, traditional cuisine and costumes, and test their knowledge in a quiz about the EU.

On 8 May, Novi Sad hosted the European Film Festival, moving to Niš on 11 May and four other cities later on. The festival is organised in cooperation with EU MS embassies.

On 9 May, some 60 high school students and their teachers leave on a study trip to Slovenia, Austria and Hungary within the Europa Diary competition project organised by EUDEL. They will be accompanied by a media crew.

On Europe Day, we will also award 10 winners of a competition and Facebook debate on the role of the youth in the European future of Serbia.

A dozen of libraries forming the EUTEKA network established by EUDEL will mark Europe Day with various events.

A number of EU MS embassies, with support of the EUIC, will organise open days in their embassies, starting with Belgium on 10 May, followed by Finland on 11 May and Slovakia two days later.

On 13 May, the EU Info Centre in Belgrade will host friends and partners for a live broadcast of the Eurovision finale and a cocktail party.

On 19 May, Novi Sad will present Erasmus+ projects by students from France, Germany and Serbia.

On 24 May the National Assembly of Serbia will host the final debate within the European Debate School, a project run by the EUIC in Belgrade.