Eurobank Offers Special Rates During Savings Week

Savings Week is traditionally celebrated every year across the world, starting on 31 October. On this day in 1924, a bankers meeting in Milan took place and its participants founded the International Savings Banks Institute and World Savings Day, which has since then been celebrated by banks and financial institutions in different ways.

As a traditionally reliable and recognized partner when it comes to savings, Eurobank designed a special offer to reignite interest among clients – Euro STEP carries interest rates of up to as much as 2.5%. This inviting offer applies to term deposits for up to 25 months, during which the interest rate increases in increments.

“Euro STEP is intended for clients who want to make term deposits, and during the given time, the interest rates are increased twice a year. If the client wishes to withdraw the funds before the deposit term expires for any reason, he/she will be able to keep all the interest that was added to the account up to the time of breaking out the agreement. We believe that in this way we provide our clients with flexibility and security—they can access their money anytime without losing interest,” said Dušan Mihailović, member of Eurobank’s Executive Board.

Eurobank once again demonstrates its traditional partnership in its relationship with customers when it comes to savings.