Eurobank Celebrates 15h Anniversary Of Doing Business In Serbia

Eurobank celebrates a significant jubilee – 15 years of successfully doing business on the Serbian market. During the 15 years of operation, the Bank grew and expanded by increasing the number of employees and branches, implementing new technologies and offering innovative products and services tailored to the needs of clients. Eurobank today is among the leading banks in the Serbian market.

President of the Executive Board of Eurobank Slavica Pavlović, welcomed the representatives of Eurobank Group who arrived in Serbia for this special occasion – Fokion Karaviasa, Eurobank Group General Director, Stavros Joanow, Deputy Director General of Eurobank and Mihailis Luis, Director for International Activities of the General Department of Eurobank and Chairman of the Board of Directors Eurobank of Serbia.

Eurobank Group CEO Fokion Karavias congratulated Eurobank’s management and staff on the fact that the Bank is an important player in the highly competitive Serbian market. He stressed the importance of international activities, noting that he expects that in the future they will retain a significant role in the balance sheet of the Eurobank Group.

President of the Eurobank Executive Board Slavica Pavlović, Deputy Director General of Eurobank Group Stavros Joan and Director of International Activities of Eurobank Group Mihalis Luis addressed media representatives at a press conference, summed up a successful business and announced plans for the forthcoming period.

“We are proud of the fact that we are the bank of the first choice of our clients. Over the past years, we consolidated our operations, continued with moderate growth and placed in top 10 banks. Eurobank has been highly acclaimed during all these years of business in Serbia. Our capital equals eight percent of the total capital of the banking sector and represents a guarantee of stability towards our partners, clients and employees. For Eurobank last year it was very successful. Loan growth of over 15% was recorded in both segments – in retail and business affairs. We have enhanced the range of services we offer through digital channels and increased customer base. In 2017, Eurobank achieved a profit before tax of 2.5 billion dinars, which is 17% more than in the year 2016. We are continuing to introduce innovations to our business. The focus will be on micro companies and entrepreneurs, but we will not neglect natural persons – we will offer services and products that meet their requirements, and are in line with the latest trends in the banking sector, “said Slavica Pavlovic, president of the Eurobank Executive Board.

Noting that in the early stages of the Bank’s operations, he was the Executive Director and President of the Executive Board of Eurobank, Stavros Joanu said that he was particularly pleased that the bank managed to take a significant position on the market. “Strengthening solid business connections that already exist among countries in the region contributes to further business improvement. We are one of the key players in the Serbian market, and we help the development of the local community and the Serbian economy, “Joanu told.

From the first steps in the Serbian banking market, Eurobank was supported by Eurobank Group whose experience combined with the knowledge and commitment of employees willing to offer the clients the most up-to-date financial solutions for their needs.

For more than a decade, Eurobank has been recognised as a stable bank by providing financial support to its customers but also taking into account the social community. Through the program “Investing in European values”, more than 4.5 million euros have been invested so far in education, health, ecology, culture and social inclusion. From this year, through the new CSR project “School as drawn for you”, 22,000 beneficiaries of the “Big Heart” humanitarian card together with Eurobank will contribute to improving conditions for work and learn in secondary economies in Serbia.

The next chapter of Eurobank enters rejoicing with new business meetings and clients, working with a sense of responsibility towards all stakeholders – clients, shareholders, employees and the local community in the desire to remain the bank of the first choice of the client.