EPS begins sale of green energy

The state company Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) began selling green energy to commercial customers, and the first major buyer in Serbia with whom the contract was signed is ProCredit Bank.

Two companies have signed an annexe to the contract to issue a certified guarantee to the bank that only electricity delivered to the bank will be generated in EPS hydropower plants, i.e. capacities using renewable sources.

The third of its production EPS makes in its hydroelectric power plants and the project of building the first wind farm in Kostolac is underway, and soon the power of the water will be enhanced by the wind power.

– “Elektroprivreda Srbije” proves that we are ready to offer a new and unique product in the electricity market in Serbia – “green” energy. We want to increase the production of electricity from renewable sources. – said Milorad Grčić, Director of EPS.

It is necessary to increase awareness of the importance of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources to protect the environment.

– ProCredit Bank has been one of the leading companies in Serbia for years regarding investments in environmental protection. So far we have paid more than 200 million Euros to our clients for projects that contribute to energy savings and better environmental protection. Also, thanks to the numerous innovations we have introduced, ProCredit Bank has reduced its electricity consumption by 25%, while heat consumption has been reduced by almost 30%. Continuing with such an approach, we decided to sign a separate contract with EPS to use electricity exclusively with a guarantee of origin from renewable energy sources in the future – said Ivan Smiljković, member of the Executive Board of ProCredit Bank.

Buyers of guaranteed supply (households) cannot buy green energy, because at present there is no legal possibility.

The total power of hydroelectric power plants owned by EPS is about 2.9 GW. The plan is to obtain certificates for all hydroelectric power plants, and this process is in progress. The annual production of electricity from renewable sources in EPS is about 10 billion kilowatt hours.